Kayaking Sai Kung: Round Sharp

中文 Going round Sharp Island squeezes in all the aspects of Sai Kung kayaking within a full day trip: UNESCO sights of volcanic  “walk on water” levee and tombolos aka “pineapple buns” aside, you will get to check out not one but TWO secret pools! You are very welcome to snorkelling either at Kiu Tsui Beach or at a place we call Little Hawaii. Taking a break at the picturesque Hap Mun Bay Beach, you can also hike up for fantastic 3600 views of Sai Kung itself. Otherwise, the highlight of the trip would be the rock formations such as the Elephant’s Nose, Upside-down Candle & Dharma’s cave. This Sai Kung kayaking trip will give you a solid workout amidst loads of fun!

Bonus: we can also go check out the fish farms and mangroves if time permits!

Suggested itinerary / timeline* as below:

0900 Meet up, tutorial & safety de-brief
0930 Get in & launch kayaking!
1030 Kayak into secret pool #1 & reach Kiu Tsui Beach
1035 Enjoy UNESCO sights & snorkelling.
1145 Find pool #2 & kayak out to find rock formations!
1230 Break time & lunch at Hap Mun Bay
1330 Hike up to pagoda for 3600 view
1400 Check out fish farms, mangroves if time allows
1500 Reach Ah Kung Wan

Pick a time to start your Sai Kung kayaking trip @HKD 750/each. Total kayaking: 9 – 10 km. Min # of 6 persons. Our guides will actively manage the group and destinations for a fun ~6hrs worth of fun after meetup! Kayak rental and gear is included of course.

“But… we don’t want the other tours.
We want you guys!”

Kayaking Round Sharp Tours

Our base: Ah Kung Wan

From Sai Kung town, whichever transport you use, look for “Tai Mong Tsai“. You can come via:

Green Taxi Green Minibus Kowloon Bus
HKD~50 #7, #9 #94, #96R

Feel the difference kayaking Sai Kung with our premium FeelFree double-seater kayaks… Kayak rental is available 9:00 AM to be returned by 5:00 PM at the latest. Trips includes our guide, lifejackets & paddles of course! Showers and lockers are not available but simple fresh water rinsing and pop-up changing tents are readily available.

Kayaking Round Sharp

Our premium FeelFree kayaks are double-seaters only. Please be gentle with our equipment. If not, please understand that a damage penalty may apply.


Please come with appropriate gear such as: water shoes, waterproof drybag, hat/cap with sides, waterproof phone pouch, at least 1.5 literes of water, long sleeve shirt, long pants/leggings, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, change for after the trip and most important of all, cash for spending on the islands! If you have any more questions, check out our FAQ page.

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