About us

TerraMar means LandSea in Spanish. Are you ready for land and sea fun?

We run, swim, bike and kayak. As a outdoor loving group, it just makes sense for us to organize corporate events, team building, races and summer camps that do the same!

Our events are a platform for you: no matter your age or background, to have fun!! Our ruling motto: the race is only as tough as you want it to be.

Challenge yourself. Push others. Go for greater heights.

We desire the best service, from us not from you.

Our Values

1: We desire the best service, from us not from you.

2: We crave the best route markings, again from us not from you.

3: We fancy the LeaveNoTrace policy, from us and all of you !

Our Mission

Create events that are fun and challenging but open to anyone and everyone.

You can be from here or from there or anywhere, daily runner, weekend racer, monthly walker, come join us. All you need is the ability to have fun & enjoy the outdoors! Come join our fun events, just like the one in the video below !