Repeat Clients

Word of mouth is our main source of business. Quality over quantity for our clients. We certainly aren’t the cheapest team building company out there but certainly the best in value. Our repeat clients certainly think so!

Yes, our programs are somewhat physical. We firmly believe that nothing binds a group of individuals more than time spent in close contact, sweating it out on your hands and knees, overcoming tasks together. That said, while the outdoors is preferred, activities can be done indoors. We can even take your team across borders to Thailand, Mongolia, Nepal and more!

Our programs aren’t from a textbook or manual, they are tailormade and may even be uniquely engineered and designed for maximum effect & maximum fun. Just scroll below to find out…

Challenge yourself. Push others. Reach greater heights together!

“The SmarTone Mini Challenge is a core staff development programme and an annual highlight for the Company.”

Our Clients