Date 15th May 2016 (Sun.)
Start Time 0900
Cut Off Time 1300
Location HK Sea School, Stanley
Fee Early Bird
  HK$800/2 pax team
  HK$1,000/2 pax team


Run Light Paddle SOLD OUT

Believe it or not, our 14 km run only category is now an easier 23.5 km category!

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Male Team

Female Team

Mixed Team

KM Water Food
CP1 6 Yes No
CP2 11 Yes Yes

Sea School


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Start /Finish :

Hong Kong Sea School

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15 May Map RLP-Optimized

Approved by AFCD

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Number tags will be given out on race day. Please put the tag on your bag and hand to the staff at the luggage drop booth. Please keep your number bib after the race to pick up bags near the finish line. The race organizer is not responsible for loss or damage to personal effects, items of whatsever nature. As such, please bring only essential items for storage at the luggage drop booth.

Official Rules & Regulations

  1. Participants must stay on the marked course. Short cuts are strictly prohibited and runners found to be using short cuts will be disqualified.
  2. Refreshments at the CPs are reserved for runners only.
  3. No cups/bottles are provided from the water points. You must bring your own hydration system (minimum 0.5 litre) for the event.
  4. The bib must be visible and worn on top of all clothing during the race.
  5. If you withdraw from the event, you must inform the race officials at the closest checkpoint.
  6. Littering is prohibited. Time penalty may be applied to any participant found littering at the organizers’ discretion.
  7. Ensure your own safety and that of others. Be considerate of other trail and road users at all times. Please assist other runners who are injured or in distress.
  8. TerraMar has its own public liability insurance. This does not include personal accident of participants. We recommend that you have your own personal accident cover.
  9. Breaking any of the rules may incur a time penalty or disqualification. Any such penalties are at the organizers’ discretion and are final.
  10. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the Event Rules, route and/or other arrangements as they deem appropriate.


  1. 參加者必須依循指定路線,大會嚴禁走捷徑行為,被檢舉確實的跑手會被取消資格。
  2. 補給站內的物資只供跑手享用。
  3. 補給站不提供樽裝水,跑手進行活動時必須自備最少500ml 的容器。
  4. 參加者號碼必須掛在胸前,於任何時間均清晰可見。
  5. 如你要退出比賽,必須通知最近的檢查站工作人員。
  6. 嚴禁隨地拋棄垃圾,被檢舉確實的跑手會被罰加時。
  7. 注意個人及他人的安全,同時留意山徑及其他道路使用者,協助受傷或不適的跑手。
  8. TerraMar 受第三者保險保障,建議大家購買個人意外保險。
  9. 不遵從大會規則的參加者會被罰加時或取消比賽資格,大會有權作最終決定。
  10. 主辦單位保留更改規則,路線或其他安排的最終決定權。


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Disclaimer: The race will not be cancelled unless Typhoon Signal No.8 and/or Black Rainstorm Signal is hoisted 2 hours prior to race start. Notice on our Facebook page will be posted in relation to this matter. Please join us at