Date 日期 2nd May 2021 (Sun.)
Start Time 开始時間 0900
End Time 完结時間 1430
Start Location 起點 VRC Emerald Bay
End Location 起點 VRC Emerald Bay
Cost/person 每人费用* HKD 350
*for VRC members, additional HKD 100 for guests paid on event day via cash /FPS /PayMe

Pristine open water hard to find? No fear! Come join us for a splendid dip in the beautiful
Sharp Island waters. First in a series of kayak-swims that are progressively longer — come for a 1.5 km open water swim
or 3 km swim roundtrip. Hike back if one way is enough or you want to catch a unique 360 view.
Packed Lunch included.

Please join only if you have open water swimming experience and 14+ years old.
If you do not have the experience, you can join as kayak support only.
For safety, we may designate a stop if swimmers are too far away from each other.

Largely ignored, Sharp Island is a pristine environment, perfect to drop in on via kayaks and for swimming! Due to its shape, geography and location, the waters around it are always clearer to swim in. What joy to observe the sea floor staring back at you while you do so? Moreover, speedboats do not frequent the channel. As such, we can enjoy the swim in relative peace and quiet. Of course, all the while, some kayak support will be around for your safety!

Swimming from north to south is only about 1.5km. If you wish to swim back, by all means do so! If not, the hike back is easy and also just about as long. Kick back and relax at the UNESCO Geopark thereafter if you wish. Take your time and we will see you back at VRC!

In order to participate in swimming within this event, you MUST:
– come with your own personal safety buoy
– have open water swimming experience
– able to swim freestyle continuosly for 500m
– TerraMar reserves the right to discontinue your swim at any time with reference to the safety of other swimmers.


Time* Activity**
0900 Check in, gear up.
0930 Quick briefing and launch!
1015 Land on Kiu Tsui Beach (behind the pier).
1020 Stack kayaks togethers, stretch, take a break.
1030 Start swimming!
1145 Reach Hap Mun Bay for lunch!
1230 Start hike/ Swim back.
1345 Reach Kiu Tsui Beach.
1400 Kayak back to VRC.

*timeline is an estimate only, actual times determined by group speed, weather conditions and guide.
**depending on group consensus, we can cut short resting periods, simply not have them or split the group!
**TerraMar reserves the right to discontinue your swim at any time with reference to the safety of other swimmers.

  • Lunch with drink is provided. Please bring a waterproof bag with you!
  • Please bring with you on your kayak some cash as well as HKID.
  • You MUST bring your own personal safety buoy, swim wear, swim cap, goggles, sunscreen and change.
  • You are also suggested to bring water, water shoes (cover heel and toes), sunglasses (with a floating belt) and a hat.
  • Please put on sunscreen and insect repellent before the event.
  • Please wear water shoes / sports shoes for the kayaking. Flip flops are NOT recommended.
  • To start the event on time, please kindly change your clothes and settle your personal belongings in advance.
  • The event has its own public liability insurance coverage, but we recommend that all participants get their own personal accident coverage to cover any personal accidents.